Please give my best to the entire family.

Dinner will be waiting.

The only place Malcolm hadn't looked was in the basement.

I'll meet you there in a little bit.

Can you spare a cigarette?

I wonder what time it is.

Chinese food is no less delicious than French.

He refused to shake hands with me.

I think you've had too much to drink.

He should have been a lawyer.

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No one suspected them.

Leora is very shaken.

What's the name of your dog?

I expect to win today's race.

The group was planning a bull session to talk about the upcoming party.

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"Sometimes I can't understand what comes over you. I'd like to know that." "I'd like to know that too..."


Many children enjoy eating peanut butter sandwiches.

This crime was probably committed by a woman.

Even though our house was on TV, I'd prefer it if you wouldn't just barge in our garden and take pictures.


I don't know how to help Chip.

Start over.

A book descriptive of the wonders of nature.

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Gasoline is used for fuel.

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Johnathan moped on his moped.

Translating that text will be very easy.

What kind of information do you get from dictionary entries?

Stop acting like you understand me.

I swallowed a bug.


We're going to rent a car and drive to Boston.


He is the devil incarnate.

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I didn't like those tests.


There is little prospect of their winning the match.

I just did this to make a little money.

Who was the man you sat next to?

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Why the long face?

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I know it sounds crazy, but I swear it's true.


Gunnar just told me.

She would have done it already.

Have you shown this picture to Vickie?

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We're awaiting your order.

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You're playing a great game.

Casper was amazed at the huge amount of his personal information which had been gleaned by Google based on his internet usage.

Albert saved Kolkka a seat.

Paris is a very ancient and beautiful city.

Clara never told me he used to be married to Turkeer.


God, oh God, why have you forsaken me?

I tried to get him to show what his true nature was, but I couldn't.

I had a long talk with her.


Ragnar found it more and more difficult to ignore the pain.

They don't use it.

The crowd gathered around the speaker.

Power is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't.

Which hat do you want to wear?

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We're ready to do that.

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I had to take down my tent because of the strong wind.

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Therefore, they cannot catalyze deregulation without "external pressure".

Carlos would be hurt if you said that.

Not everything is about you.

We drove into the mountains.

Jennie has something else to say.

Bill never really wanted to go to Boston.

He wanted to repay the kindness of his friends.

Helen has won the prize.

We found a great restaurant on Park Street.

I'll take this: I like the colour.

I'm concerned with Duke's safety.

My unpaid liabilities are still $100.

Somebody has broken this dish.

Raj managed to put out the fire.

It serves you right that you failed your exam. You didn't study for it at all.


This is the nicest thing anyone has done for me since I got here.


This book is about life in the Soviet Union.

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There were no witnesses to the crime.

I think Briggs may be telling the truth.

I was just blowing off steam.

Do you mind if I go?

Luke is helping him.

Dan could not get Linda to tell him what was wrong.

I have no way of knowing that.

The two most important people in the meeting are Vaughn and Sekar.

Rees was taken completely by surprise.

He fills the bill.

Put the following sentences into Japanese.

Hit the road and don't you come back no more!

I was with them last night.


I saw a bright red Ferrari parked at the campus gates and my jaw just dropped.


The crowd loved the concert.

All of a sudden, the barn went up in flames.

She has a beautiful voice.

What did you hope to accomplish?

The beautiful French language is lost.

It's quiet, you know.

I think Lars would like to hear about this.


Everyone was just sitting around doing nothing.

I bought it for ten dollars.

You haven't told anyone yet, have you?

Anyhow, lunch ... is where I wanted to go but I decided to go to the toilet first.

We weren't involved in that.


I wasn't sure what you meant.

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The first 'that time of the month' I seem to remember worrying that I was ill, without telling anybody, for two days.

I have to think about it. I'll try to find another wording.

Jupiter is a large gas planet whose clouds change colors daily.

Ernest is almost as tall as me.

You should be terrified.

The quality of life of the citizens is always of secondary importance.

All the best everyone!


The speaker treated the subject very briefly.

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We have to wait for him.

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She left her son alone in the car.


I'm really sorry I doubted you.

I'm not supposed to leave here.

As a rule, Japanese people are not good at foreign languages.

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Why doesn't she write me back anymore?

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How did you come by that much money?

I know you two had a thing once.

I'm sure of my sentence.

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He did it by himself, and admirably.


He's so much of a faggot.


A snowstorm is raging in the northern Golan Heights and in the high peaks of the Galilee.

Mysore wrote a letter.

Tell them I won't be there.


I was late on account of an accident.


How far is New York from London?

A carcase is not a box for a motorized vehicle.

Xueyou is looking at the new pictures Renmei took in Beijing.


"I've only had two boyfriends." "Oh, I have two boyfriends right now."

I will wait here till he comes.

I thought I could do it, but it was more difficult than I expected it to be.


It's not going to change.

Can I help you cook?

Bob has answers to all of the questions.

I thought I was going to make it here on time.

Del is lying motionless on his bed.


Help me fold these blankets and put them away.

I just wanted to speak to Cathryn.

Jenine comes from a very wealthy family.

She is completely absorbed in a book.

There was a small audience in the hall.

I don't know anybody here.

I'm glad I could help.

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Men's things are on sale upstairs.

I met someone the other day that I think I could fall in love with.

I will live in the city.


Smiling cheerfully, the two began to walk off into their brilliant future.


Everyone gathered around her.

That's typical.

Yes, it is. You were three months old then.


Martin would've gone if he could've.


Let's approach the problem from a different angle.

I once went to Boston with her.

Don't tell him I'm coming.

They're immune.

I ended up seeing it under bad circumstances.